Top 10 Superfoods for Diet and Beauty – Part 1 Nicky Hambleton-Jones reveals her top superfoods. Learn how to keep your skin looking plumped up and youthful by eating food…

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5 responses to “Top 10 Superfoods for Diet and Beauty – Part 1”

  1. jgirl76 Avatar

    Do not consume blueberries with milk protien, the milk protein bonds to the blueberry antioxidants and disallow their absorbtion. Eat blueberries by themelves 1 hour before eating any protein or 2 hours after you have eaten protien.

  2. May Pandora Løwe Avatar
    May Pandora Løwe

    love your video! Best wishes from Norway ^_^Thanks for the information!

  3. iStylix Avatar

    Thanks for this!!

  4. dannyleeds1132 Avatar

    Your brilliant to watch !! Really am enjoining your videos . Keep them coming as I’m learning so much . Best wishes xx Danny

  5. madwestboy Avatar

    ima eat blueberries every day.

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