Vegan for 6 years & 40lbs lighter! The Banana Girl Diet gets everyone fit, lean and sexy!

Freelee the Banana Girl showing her fit, lean body on the banana girl diet. The banana girl eats up to 50 bananas a day. Banana Girl used to be Beef Girl and…
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24 responses to “Vegan for 6 years & 40lbs lighter! The Banana Girl Diet gets everyone fit, lean and sexy!”

  1. juliagoolia143 Avatar

    That’s what healthy looks like people! Carb up!

  2. tstruss912 Avatar

    She would be hot if she were healthy. That is NOT healthy! Get some meat on your bones, girl. I would be afraid to even fuck this girl. She would probably die from the pounding. lol

  3. jessica2575 Avatar

    She looks so amazing!!

  4. kurt kibbe Avatar
    kurt kibbe

    The way she is suppose to be, do i detect a bit of jealousy?

  5. kurt kibbe Avatar
    kurt kibbe

    Harley you are one LUCKY man to have not only a SMOKIN HOT girlfriend, but to have one with a brain in her head lol. You guys always put a smile on my face :-} An inspiration to us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep the videos coming.

  6. Antzlu Avatar

    Wow she is hot indeed. VEGANS ARE SEXY!

  7. Sienna Macy Avatar
    Sienna Macy

    omg you’ve got no ass… not nice.

  8. Liz H Avatar
    Liz H

    how long did it take you to lose all that excess fat?

  9. ravendream33 Avatar

    Right! …..and the ones with no photo! Ha!

  10. KravDr Avatar

    The ones that hate are the ones who wish they had.

  11. Freelea Avatar

    spot on thanks :-)

  12. Freelea Avatar


  13. ravendream33 Avatar

    She’s not even as thin as most Victoria’s Secret models……..who are marketing to billions of women….ha ha. Get a clue. Most women want to be slim, not skinny. Freelea isn’t bony or skinny…..just lean

  14. xyjamesw1488 Avatar

    If only people would bypass this PC fat is good mentality and hit the gym and start eating an apple or pear and put down the damn snickers!

  15. xyjamesw1488 Avatar

    carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fat all come abundantly within a plant based diet. My diet now as a Vegetarian (strict, no dairy or eggs) has much more of these and fiber, vitamins and more.

    I am healthier, want to be healthier, far more humane, and can honestly claim a love and respect for nature. In every way I am a healthier person. Spiritually, physically, mentally, you name it, I am healthier.

    (I visit a dietitian, and MD every 6 months to make sure I can claim this with validity!)

  16. xyjamesw1488 Avatar

    This is a typical comment within a society that has become to afraid to admit fat is bad.

    The only time in a women’s life that a higher body fat amount if required is during the 9 months of pregnancy. Before that, after that, and even at a few short periods during that, a women is healthier to have higher energy and less fat.

    This woman, exudes sexy, fit, and healthy. In fact, I would (not speaking personality, because I don’t know her outside of a video) say she is a damn good role model!

  17. ellen garcia Avatar
    ellen garcia

    way too skinny.

  18. Exzentrisch1883 Avatar

    I use the cronometer and never get above 5% protein. What could I implement to compensate for that? (80/10/10). I was thinking of vegan protein powder, but would that ruin the whole purpose behind a raw vegan diet? I am writing a comment here because I wasn’t able to put it elsewhere. Btw. great inspirational MOTIVATIONAL videos 🙂

  19. Jon Focker Avatar
    Jon Focker

    we’re just not used to seeing a body like this. if she was too tired or weak to run and be active then that could be a problem but she is full of energy and happy.

    look at the people who live in the rainforests. there are men in their 70s who still run around with no fat and climb trees. they are ALL fit because they are so active and their diets are mostly plant based.

  20. Jon Focker Avatar
    Jon Focker

    u make no sense.

  21. Jon Focker Avatar
    Jon Focker

    she is not too thin, just perfectly thin. in our society we are not used to seeing perfection.

  22. Joseph Ierano BSc DC BCAO Avatar
    Joseph Ierano BSc DC BCAO

    not only is she ugly this is an image problem

  23. pentaclejen0709 Avatar

    @nikolettsznt why do you say it could destroy my body? what about the research that says eating processed meats can make you die younger? Most people are happy to eat it knowing it can reduce their life. I also do not like eating meat so im not going to force it down because the majority of the population believe that’s the best way to eat protein.

  24. nikolettsznt Avatar

    The row food are good, but meat is very important. Our body needs carbs,protein, and healthy fat too. If you are doing it only to lose waight, there is a much more healthy way. Eat protein, with a healthy diet, go to train, build some muscles. If you have little more muscles you would burn more calorie. Vegan diet is could distroy your body. Search for yourself befor u continue.

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