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  1. blenditandMendit Avatar

    Although I am not raw vegan, I agree it’s best to not overeat at any one sitting. Thank you for taking time to comment and for viewing my videos. If you make any of my recipes, please come back with your review.

  2. denitsapetkanska Avatar

    great recipe thanks for sharing by the way I love when you said you can eat tomorrow again it’s true why bother stuffing yourself when you know there is a tomorrow and you will eat again I think everyone should try a water fast for a period of time they feel comfortable with my experience was great I saw food differently it tasted better I was more aware of the quantity I eat and I do not overeat anymore I am raw vegan so my kind of overeating is a little different than some people just try it

  3. Megan Brodsky Avatar
    Megan Brodsky

    I loved your vide, thanks for sharing!
    There is a very good tip to weight loss, eat the same amount of calories you are doing now but instead of have them in 3 meals have it in 5,of course if you also reduce the amount of calories you’ll see better result, oh! and remember to drink too much watter.
    I’m following a very good weight loss program right now, if you’d like to know it go to my profile and you’ll see it on the description.

  4. blenditandMendit Avatar

    Glad to hear it and I appreciate your support.

  5. Shaun Fontaine Avatar
    Shaun Fontaine

    Thanks for the reply Jane, ok I will do that. Although i’m probably over reacting. I’m sure it’s fine. As long as it works. That’s all that matters. anyway love the videos and I’ll continue to watch and get involved in the green smoothies and such.

  6. blenditandMendit Avatar

    Hi Shaun,
    I don’t know. Best thing to do is call VitaMix, they have an international division listed on their website and they will be able to tell you. I have experienced excellent customer service from them. I hope you get as much fun and wellbeing from your VitaMix as I get from mine. It sounds like you will.

  7. Shaun Fontaine Avatar
    Shaun Fontaine

    continued- the cog under the jug looks fine but the end feels rough. I’m worried incase i’ve damaged it. does it feel rough on yours or smooth. Strange question I know but it’s the only thing I can think of. thanks


  8. Shaun Fontaine Avatar
    Shaun Fontaine

    Hello Jane, love your recipes. Just started getting into green smoothies over here in the UK. I recently purchased a vitamix and my god what a beast it is. I’m use to a tiny blender you see. I thought I would ask you question you can help me with. yesterday I didn’t put the jub back on the vitamin base properly. I turned it on without realising and heard a crushing sound. I immediately stopped the machine and looked underneath. appears to be no damage, but the end of the cog thing under the jug

  9. blenditandMendit Avatar

    I agree, what is it about spinach and mango, soooo good.

  10. chavitavb Avatar

    Oh I love this recipe! It’s a perfect combination. Especially with the Trader Joes frozen mango :).

  11. blenditandMendit Avatar

    And it tastes good, too. If you make it let me know what you think.

  12. tillallareoneluv Avatar

    Looks very healthy.

  13. MermaidElphaba Avatar

    oh iI forgot if you don’t add some water it will be more like oatmeal than smoothie so just a tip

  14. blenditandMendit Avatar

    I printed it out and it’s on the list. I haven’t used a green tomato before in a green smoothie but I will now. Thanks!

  15. MermaidElphaba Avatar

    I made this really really good green smoothie I REALLY think you should put it in a video. as much ice burg lettuce as you want (I put ALOT) a large green tomato (or 2 small ones) and large apple. I hope you like it and (takes drink of green smoothie) if you don’t well…… I’m only 11…….. and this is my first original green smoothie recipe!

  16. blenditandMendit Avatar

    Thank you! Let me know what you think of it.

  17. Hanna Ho Avatar
    Hanna Ho

    I love the way you talk! love this vid, gonna try it out!

  18. sanskritmantra Avatar

    i forgot add water to rehydraten the powders this usually looks purple or redish namaste  r

  19. sanskritmantra Avatar

    pollen teaspoon that and the flax seed and chia seed and a couple scoops of whey and a banana this is totally amaziing and you get the full colors of the rainbow with the powders from foodscience of vermont it will change you life.. and it is absolutely delicious namaste r

  20. sanskritmantra Avatar

    hello here is what i do everyday.. spinach small broccoli flower equal size piece o caulifllower and a small carrot then blueberries and blackberries and peaches and mango and pineapple all frozen or fresh if you like.. then the kicker a scoop of superior greens and a scoop of superior oranges and a scoop of superior reds and a scoop of superior purples all from foodscience of vermont can get cheap at swanson..and some banana and a slice of ginger root and some walnuts pecans almonds and bee

  21. 1975supermike Avatar

    She looks great for 93 🙂

  22. sparklebox11 Avatar

    Perfect, this will save a lot of wasted bananas in my hse! will try the watermelon too .. T.U. 🙂

  23. blenditandMendit Avatar

    Yep, just make sure they are ripe but not too ripe and peel them first. I freeze watermelon, too.

  24. sparklebox11 Avatar

    I actually thought you couldn’t freeze bananas .. im happy that you can 🙂

  25. blenditandMendit Avatar

    Best consumed fresh, but can store in the fridge for up to 36 hours; except the ones with banana, consume those fresh.

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