Weight Loss Tips Plus Smoothie Recipes

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7 responses to “Weight Loss Tips Plus Smoothie Recipes”

  1. qjohn10 Avatar

    My WHY: – because i am 32 yrs old woman married to a wonderful man. and we been trying to have a baby for the past 5 yrs but had two miscarriages plus i have two herniated disc which got worst last yr. not being active since my back problem which is a 2 yr, i gained about 25lb. but now that i am back in my feet got much better that i started going back to the gym since dec,12 and lost about 8lb. planing to do healthy smoothies with my workouts so i can get back to my weight and start a family.

  2. cookingmexicanrecipe Avatar

    Awesome! You are heading in the right directions setting your goals!

  3. daniiisland Avatar

    MY Why would also fall along the lines of my age. Im 25 years old, I’ve always yoyo dieted my way through college, with crash diets never really being able to keep it off. It wasn’t until these past 2 year when i got into my relationship that i really packed on the pounds. What changed my mindset was seeing my aunt & uncle struggle to lose the weight, and their regret for not living healthier. Together we have stayed focused, pushing each other to lose it, setting and reaching healthier goals 🙂

  4. cookingmexicanrecipe Avatar

    Thanks Cheri, for sharing your why!

  5. Cheri Neale Avatar
    Cheri Neale

    My Why: Within the next 18 days I will be 46 and for the past 6 months I have been battling my weight, I am on the bordering line of diabetes, and High Blood pressure, My goal is the get my weight down so I can keep my blood pressure and diabetes at bay, I’ve tried exercise dieting varies ways and at this point I’m only loosing inches but just can’t get more then 10 pounds off I am at a loss as to what I am doing wrong

  6. cookingmexicanrecipe Avatar

    Thanks for your post Lisa!

  7. LisaKIsrael Avatar

    My Why: I am 51 years of age, and I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma about 2 weeks ago. I was motivated to get healthy before my diagnosis, but now I want to reduce my overall cancer risk, and part of that is getting my body to a healthy weight. I want to kick cancer’s rear end and inspire other women to take charge of their own health!! I love that Jane works with ADHD — I have that myself and have been looking for a coach!

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