WEIGHTLOSS UPDATE 40 lbs Lost Before & After Pics

Part 2: Q&A with your Weightloss Questions! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MMOWbEQOM8&feature=g-high-u 00 CANON CAMERA GIVEWAY IN JULY! Enter here: http:…
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25 responses to “WEIGHTLOSS UPDATE 40 lbs Lost Before & After Pics”

  1. Marichelle Ybañez Avatar
    Marichelle Ybañez

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  2. Sykutis Smith Avatar
    Sykutis Smith

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  3. rethaalothman Avatar

    I like oll the videos you awer made.

  4. Ulfa Hasan Avatar
    Ulfa Hasan

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  5. MiaVitaBella Avatar

    Story of our lives! I have been trying for a year and have not lost any :/ Have you had your thyroid checked?

  6. Lola Johnson Avatar
    Lola Johnson

    You look so great! Good job girl!

  7. jessica maroa Avatar
    jessica maroa

    How long did it take you? And how do you keep yourself motivated? To be honest ive been struggling to lose weight for 2 years..

  8. robi willy Avatar
    robi willy

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  9. Hanna King Avatar
    Hanna King

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  10. SHERRY RAZAK Avatar

    Julia in malaysia… most popular PROTEIN shake is… HERBA LIFE.. please do google it… it really works…

  11. SHERRY RAZAK Avatar

    how long you get lost your weight..? 1 year..? please inspired me… tq julia..

  12. Green Bajgain Avatar
    Green Bajgain

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  13. KinGBananeFemale Avatar


  14. KinGBananeFemale Avatar

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  15. Mike Robinson Avatar
    Mike Robinson

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  16. Magg Seb Avatar
    Magg Seb

    Chievous, how did you get motivation for it ?
    (it’s what I need the most)

  17. shakeebahmed100 Avatar

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  18. GlamourGirl8601 Avatar

    Congrats!!You look fabulous!!ich hoffe, du kannst dein gewicht weiter halten!echt toll!
    p.s.: der lila nagellack ist super!!

  19. Stephanie Rome Avatar
    Stephanie Rome

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  20. monique dann Avatar
    monique dann

    OMG I love you and your videos.. Thank you so very much for inspiring me to get healthy and back in shape. I also envy your German skills. I am also Canadian and first language was German but I cant speak it now very much. So i’m envious in a good way because you have also inspired me to listen to more German and perhaps practice speaking too. You are great! Liebe!

  21. amogha bajracharya Avatar
    amogha bajracharya

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  22. Prabir Mandal Avatar
    Prabir Mandal

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  23. Hanna King Avatar
    Hanna King

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  24. Viktor Mononimbar Avatar
    Viktor Mononimbar

    Oh hai!

    Have you tried the Avon Fat Furnace?
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  25. Robert Swanson Avatar
    Robert Swanson

    a good tip, avoid bananas, this fruit is like eating just sugar! it won’t help you to lose weight, also reduce the amount of calories you ingest and increase the amount of meals, what I mean is instead of have just 3 meals have 5 small meals, do at least 30 min of exercise, at lest walk!
    I’m following a very good weight loss program right now, if you’d like to know it go to my profile and you’ll see it on the description.
    Now I want to build muscle, do you know a good exercise program?

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