Where does weight actually GO when you lose weight?

Where do those inches actually go to when you lose weight? It is a question I pondered after recently losing 85lbs. How did those 85lbs get out of my body? The answer might surprise you…. one of the ways they’re excreted is by breathing out! Inspired by puuuurdypatty www.youtube.com (who really IS puuurdy) here is the explanation…..
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  1. Mo ra Avatar
    Mo ra

    Hello, have you heard of “Belly Fat Quencher” (google it)? On their website you will find a practical free video. This made it possible for Sonia to reduce her abdominal fat. Hopefully it will work for you too…

  2. tomal roy Avatar
    tomal roy

    It would be a shame if you did not get ripped when other people accomplish it easily with Atomic Fat Loss (Google it).

  3. imaginashawn Avatar

    Truth … how refreshing! : )

  4. imaginashawn Avatar

    Don’t be conned by these guys trying to make money off people that don’t know better. Truth is, if your under 40 you can lose weight simply by backing away from the table more often and getting off your ass more often (no big secret). If your over 40 a variety of metabolic changes happen that different for each individual. In this case, the only one that can help you is an honest doctor (good luck with that) and a nutritionist. Weight loss plans can’t help because of the uniqueness of the person

  5. pammyglo1 Avatar

    good video! 

  6. Kiruba Shankar Avatar
    Kiruba Shankar

    Hi! Have you considered intellectus 424 diet (just google it)? Ive heard some unbelivable things about it and my father lost a lot of weight with it.

  7. gottalosethatweight Avatar

    One unfortunate thing is that fat cells never disappear….they just shrink. So those who have been overweight have to work even harder to stay thin.

  8. tgqueen91 Avatar

    very informative:)

  9. Anthony Starfield Avatar
    Anthony Starfield

    Checkmateproductions, with weight lose, the rate of fat burning is mostly determined by how much you restrict insulin. I’ve read it’s a bad idea to lose weight too fast because it stresses the body somehow.

    That’s from Eat Fat, Get Thin by Barry Groves.

    Your body needs glucose, which it either gets from carbs or fats. Despite all the pro carb propaganda, it’s much healthier to eat a high fat diet than a high carb diet.

  10. checkmateproductions Avatar

    does this mean that your metabolism doesnt determine the “rate” at which your body coverts the energy? isnt the “rate” determined by how fast you decide to move?

  11. ohnoyoudiint Avatar

    I think the real key point is that we breathe out the mass when we lose weight.

    Yes, we sweat and pee out the water. But, everyone knows that water has no calories, (even though the hydrogen and oxygen are clearly components of fat). But, because of it’s non-caloric value, we might not be as interested in keeping track of the H2O

    It’s the pesky carbon which we need to keep track of. And yes, we breathe the carbon out in the form of CO2. We’re like furnaces that way.

  12. Kellawanda Avatar

    Cute video!

  13. Angela Boccuzz Avatar
    Angela Boccuzz

    ……still don’t get it

  14. fatgirlslim2008 Avatar

    me too but you inspired me to vlog about it!
    (I’ve credited you in the video info)

  15. puuurdypatty Avatar

    awesome! i have been wondering this!!!

  16. msixpackabs Avatar

    awesome awesome awesome

  17. MelDiva Avatar

    good work, thanks for taking the time to put the fat out there 🙂

  18. BariatricTV Avatar

    Well I couldn’t figure out how to embed in our forums, but I did link to it. Once again thanks for the explanation!

  19. fatgirlslim2008 Avatar

    Glad you liked it 🙂

  20. wdsDarlin Avatar

    Thanks for the explanation! 😀 Interesting…so THAT’S where my 90 lbs went! haha.

  21. BariatricTV Avatar

    Excellent video, very informative. Do you mind if we embed it into our forum? I would love to post it there.

  22. changeisgood46 Avatar

    Information we can use! I’ll think of my fat leaving my body every time I work up a sweat!

  23. Nicole Milazzo Avatar
    Nicole Milazzo

    Hi Sweetie…Congrat on Your Weight Loss! Brilliant Video! Thanks 4the Nice Message!xoxx

  24. Mash0009 Avatar

    wow great video

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