You shouldn’t diet….10 Reasons Why

Hi, I’m Emily, I take a wry look at the top 10 reasons why… a weekly show that proves that everything in the world can be explained with 10 reasons. You might not agree with everything I say and that’s fine, my only attention is to provide you all with some much needed light entertainment. Thanks for viewing, don’t forget to subscribe and leave feedback in the comments, I’ll do my best to reply. Follow me (not literally) on Twitter here @emilyhartridge Watch my most popular video here: Like my Facebook group here: And this is why I think you shouldn’t go on a diet: Tags 10 reasons why you shouldn’t diet funny sex topics discussions gossip presenter topical funny British humour sarcasm life food skinny fat television girl woman relationships love “10 reasons why” “you shouldn’t diet” “Emily Hartridge” EmilyHart Emily Hartridge women celebrities bodies





25 responses to “You shouldn’t diet….10 Reasons Why”

  1. Dipin Arora Avatar
    Dipin Arora

    yes u have a ridiculously flawless body XD

  2. josephna2000 Avatar

    you are the reason why whales are born into this world

  3. midgets4life97 Avatar

    @ifap007 obviously you don’t have the genetics which make it IMPOSSIBLE for you to lose the weight… Okay maybe not impossible but still IT’S FUCKING HARD!!! (Yes, I can see the dirtiness of my comment ;D)

  4. midgets4life97 Avatar

    Love the advice, completely agree. Although some people (myself included) have a crappy metabolism and they just love food, therefore the weight stays.. And doesn’t move.. Ever. Don’t get me wrong I’m digging my curves but sometimes it sucks seeing a skinny person who eats twice as much as you do… And they stay skinny.

  5. saaaaarah1234 Avatar

    Like pizza lmao

  6. Phoebe Hodsman Avatar
    Phoebe Hodsman

    u are a cleb!!!!! u r soooo pretty

  7. MultiBobcat23 Avatar

    luv ur vids carry on makin em

  8. XxSharpShooter11 Avatar

    dick deit

  9. danmightbeonfire Avatar

    I only diet to be healthy

  10. imtotallyconfused Avatar

    Well, to be fair, I assume she meant the photoshopped bodies in magazines, which are impossible for anyone to acheive. Also, not everyone has time to go to the gym, and some people legitimately cannot lose weight, no matter how often they go to the gym or how healthily they eat. And some people would rather devote their energy to doing things they love rather than fitting an ideal, and eating food they love enhances their enjoyment of life more than being a gym bunny.

  11. imtotallyconfused Avatar

    Does your opinion on this change if the dieter is legit overweight? Just curious.

  12. Amyy Babiee Avatar
    Amyy Babiee

    Omg.. dahs soo true :-)

  13. whoMiYOUdecide Avatar

    Your soo Beautiful. I wish i had your teeth. You got a beautiful smile. 😀 x

  14. ifap007 Avatar

    I stopped watching as soon as you said that a flawless body is impossible for the average woman. The problem isn’t that it is impossible, the problem is that people are lazy. Getting fit is simply a balanced diet, skipping meals is wrong and a balanced weight + cardio workout is all you need. Remember, genetics only mean that you will take longer than the celebrity but all it takes is dedication.

  15. Ashley Ridgway Avatar
    Ashley Ridgway

    Well thats helpfull.. thx.

  16. Sophike134 Avatar

    i love you Emily, you’re so funny and witty… i’ve just spent about an hour watching your 10 reasons why…. 😉 keep up the good work… <3 Sophia

  17. Caitlin Hickman Avatar
    Caitlin Hickman

    Emily you just made me so hungry, whyyy it’s 3am and everyone else is asleep and I can’t make any food without waking everyone up.

  18. chloeprimosepembo Avatar

    love your chocolate bit with it, soo true! Dont you hate it when you are not a diet but your friend is and ends up making you feel bad for eating and tells you how much fat intake you are eating with your meal!!!!!

  19. TheDamonlover666 Avatar

    i love you video they are amazing and im aditcted

  20. alexandra Greubel Avatar
    alexandra Greubel

    SO trueeeeee.

  21. magnostic Avatar

    hey you! your advice is great, I have tried telling this to my ‘friends’ at school, but they just stick to their calorie counting ways anyway, whining constantly. Crash diets are bad because once you do it, it will just continue for the rest of your life. Also, they leave you with no energy, and fuck up your metabolism, so much that you’re storing fat more willingly once you stop it. 🙂 p.s. however much weight my ‘friends’ lose, they’ll never look as gorgeous as you. Ha!

  22. Ann Marko Avatar
    Ann Marko

    “ speaking words of wisdom” 😀

  23. taytay265681 Avatar

    omg, that’s hilarious! I never noticed that xD

  24. CopicatTV Avatar

    I heard you shout that EMILY!!! I live on number 14!

  25. emil johansson Avatar
    emil johansson

    yes you do

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