Young Coconut Celery Cucumber Spinach Green Juice

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24 responses to “Young Coconut Celery Cucumber Spinach Green Juice”

  1. gerardst1 Avatar

    Thanks again

  2. gerardst1 Avatar

    Thanks – simply enough for me to do

  3. Megan Brodsky Avatar
    Megan Brodsky

    I lost 75+ pounds! With a pretty cool method! I can’t post the link here but if you go to my profile, you can see it on my profile’s description

  4. TheDodicat Avatar

    Omg I can see his bones.

  5. GunzDonovan Avatar

    Dan… I havent check in in a while… but I love this video… your oldest videos… like this one from your “salad days” just starting out educating us all on youtube… are full of your humourous way of sharing things … and still…. some of the best videos you ever did and unlike some people on here, your speeches on life, being positive and stuff are just as cool to me and awesome as your talk about raw foods. Thanks my friend. Cheers !

  6. Gigi Perrusquia Avatar
    Gigi Perrusquia


  7. Dianne Olmeda Avatar
    Dianne Olmeda

    I like to say thank you! I found you surfing the internet and documents that were introduced to me I found a whole new way of puting food in my body! I been juicing for 7 months now everyday if i miss one day not good for me. I been cured of Asthma Allergies hey fever, miurgraine naeusa acid reflexes Aand High blood numbers still need improving. My thing I’m happy with this, I can breathe again. And I lost 13 lbs two dress sizes. Fill good thank you to who introduced me to Juicing.

  8. No1Bibliophile Avatar

    Thank you…you look amazing….love listening to you!! 😉

  9. Troy Joseph Pringle Avatar
    Troy Joseph Pringle

    h t t p squidooDOTcom/burning-body-fat-fast-14-d­ay

  10. Troy Joseph Pringle Avatar
    Troy Joseph Pringle

    Juicing is okay for weight loss. I tried if for 7 days and I was craving food that I loved so much by the time I was done. squidoo com/burning-body-fat-fast-14-day

  11. Debbiedoo117 Avatar

    I agree with wigwamman1, you would make a good Christian. Seek the Lord while He can be found.

  12. freemindedagnostic Avatar

    This Dan is SO much better than the Dan nowadays.

  13. Allison Domhoff Avatar
    Allison Domhoff

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  14. Kishwor Shrestha Avatar
    Kishwor Shrestha

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  15. 007Caliguy Avatar

    he looks like a starving homeless man who gets to crash in a boat once in a while. hmmmm

  16. likhonkotha10 Avatar

    Hi, have you heard of this method called the SkinniMaker Diet? (check google). My mate says it helps people lose weight easily.

  17. Alex Junior Avatar
    Alex Junior

    I want a double cheese burger

  18. FruitsVeggiesAndLove Avatar

    Ur message has stayed the same for years. It’s amazing how simple it really is. Fruits, vegetables and the truth! I hope u’re doing well!

  19. Atiesallday1 Avatar

    u have a jesus body…

  20. CBabyIcedOut Avatar

    being that striated with little muscle mass looks horrible.. it’s time to lift.

  21. WickedWandaa Avatar

    wow just what I needed.
    Could not sleep found this……….
    Thank You for your ‘Inspiration’ beautiful!

  22. nickk707 Avatar

    could of just said how old you are…

  23. Myflo11 Avatar

    I have the same juicer Breville Elite 800….It is the best!

  24. Apple Dee Avatar
    Apple Dee

    Hola! What brand of juicer do you use… or which one would you recommend?


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