My weight loss before and after pictures

These are the photographs documenting my weight loss. they show what i look like at my biggest and what i look like now. i didnt use any specific diet. i jus…

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  1. lizza surro says:

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  3. Matthew Stensland says:

    Very inspirational!

  4. Sanek Semenov says:

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  5. Kevin Cormier says:

    and whats the song to this video lol

  6. Kevin Cormier says:

    can u tell me tips on how u did such a wonderful job you are a good looking person

  7. Lali Manandhar says:

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  8. Kevin Cormier says:

    just wanted to say this video just woke me up time for change i hope i can do it like u did

  9. Emma Alexander says:

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  10. teenerqm says:

    A lot of hard work

  11. PJ DOHA says:

    well done , inspirational 🙂

  12. Mike Robinson says:

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  13. Becca O'Reilly says:

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  14. vlad vlad says:

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  15. masudcu says:

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  18. Sayhoquet says:

    Omg… You look so cute ! Before and after !!! You can be proud of you !
    I’ve already lost 45pounds, and I try to lost more ! I know how you feel ! Good job boy !

  19. Anand Adhikari says:

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  23. veronica romano says:

    I cried watching this I’ve dealt with obesity my whole life and it is people like you who prove to me that it’s possible you’re an inspiration and I hope to someday share my story just like you.

  24. rockonmars0 says:

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  25. jhenderson917 says:

    good vid

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